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괌의 THAAD 배터리, 스포트라이트로 무장한 군용 드론에 무력함

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괌의 THAAD 배터리, 스포트라이트로 무장한 군용 드론에 무력함


THAAD Battery in Guam Proved Helpless Against Spotlight-Armed Swarming Drones, Report Says

미군은 조선의 중거리 탄도 미사일로 인한 위험에 대응하기 위해 2013년 괌 안데르센 공군 기지에 THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) 대 미사일 시스템을 배치했습니다. 7 월 미국 국방 당국자들은이 시스템이 중국의 '위협'을 처리하기위한 목적이라고 했습니다.
"더 드라이브는 밝은 스포트라이트를 장착한 드론이 바다에서 나왔고 괌에 있는 대규모 미 태평양 군사시설을 휩쓸고 섬에 주둔하고 있는 사드 배터리를 포함한 기지자산을 감시 했다고 보도했습니다."
스포트라이트를 장착 한 드론이 바다에서 나왔고 괌에있는 대규모 미 태평양 군사 시설을 휩쓸고 섬에 주둔하고있는 사드 배터리를 포함한 기지 자산을 감시 했다고 보도했습니다 .
습격은 2019 년 3 월과 4 월 사이에 일어난 것으로 알려졌으며, 대략 3x5 피트의 쿼드 콥터 스타일 드론이 지상에서 20 ~ 30 피트 높이를 날아 가며 이른 아침 시간에이 지역 근처의 경비 탑에 있는 경비병에 의해 반복적으로 발견되었습니다.

미스터리 드론을 식별하려는 노력은 실패한 것으로 판명되었으며, 친절한 순찰대가 근처에서 작전을 수행하고 "의심스러운 백색광"방출 드론을 찾을 수 없음을 입증했습니다.


The US military deployed the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system to Guam’s\andersen Air Force Base in 2013, in response to the perceived danger posed by North Korean intermediate-range ballistic missiles. In July, US defence officials confirmed the system was also purposed to handle the ‘threat’rom China.

Drones outfitted with bright spotlights camerom the sea\and swarmed over the massive US Pacific military installation on Guam, spying on base assets including the THAAD battery stationed on the island, The Drive has reported, citing US Air Force data obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

The incursions were said to have taken place between March\and April 2019, with the roughly 3x5 foot quadcopter-style drones flying just 20-30 feet above the ground,\and spotted repeatedly in the early morning hours by troops manning guard towers near the area\where THAAD is deployed.

Efforts to identify the mystery drones proved unsuccessful, with friendly patrols carrying out operations nearby proving unable to locate the “suspicious white light”-emitting drones.

FOIA request by The Drive ></picture></div></div><div class=© PHOTO : US AIR FORCE
FOIA request by The Drive on an 'unauthorized unmanned aerial systems/security incident' in March 2019.

A separate Freedom of Information Act request for another of the drone incidents was turned down, with the military citing concerns related to privacy\and law enforcement.

The Drive finds the information about the suspected drone incursions “highly troubling,” given that the drone aircraft were “able to penetrate…over an air defence system that is tasked with defending the highly strategic islandrom ballistic missile attacks…<>…America’s preeminent adversaries in the entire region would make taking out the THAAD battery on Guam a top priority during a conflict\or even as part of a\limited demonstration of force. Why barrage it with ballistic missiles\or attempt a cruise missile launchrom a forward-deployed submarine\or even a clandestine commando raid when you can just fly a drone loaded with explosives into it?”

The outlet points out that “real-world events have highlighted many times over” that “you don’t need some high-end drone system” to cause real damage to sophisticated systems, pointing to drug cartels’ use of commercially available drones fitted with improvised explosive devices (IEDs),\and the Yemeni Houthi militia’s successful attacks on Saudi oil facilities in September 2019.

This Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, satellite image provided by NASA Worldview shows fires following Yemen's Houthi rebels claiming a drone attack ></picture></div></div><div class=
This Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, satellite image provided by NASA Worldview shows fires following Yemen's Houthi rebels claiming a drone attack on two major oil installations in eastern Saudi Arabia

The US deployed the THAAD missile defence system to Guam in 2013. More recently, Pentagon officials have pointed to its potential use in combination with other defences against the “threat capacity” to US interests in the Pacific said to be posed by China. In July, Indo-Pacific Command chief Admiral Phil Davidson confirmed that Guam is defended by THAAD\and a ship-based Aegis anti-ballistic missile battery, but said the military needed to improve its missile defences given the People’s Liberation Army’s growing capabilities.

US missile defence systems’ ability to actually shoot down hostile missiles was called into question in 2016, after a North Korean submarine-launched ballistic missile was launched toward Japanese waters without being detected\or destroyed by US\or Japanese Patriot, THAAD\or Aegis systems.

The US deployed a THAAD battery to Saudi Arabia last year in the wake of the Houthis’ drone attacks. 



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by Ilya Tsukanov


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